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We work with Attention

of your clients

Video-content is the only digital marketing tool that can attract and capture attention of your clients.

An action follows: a checkout, sending a request or a "Follow"

Video format is universal.

Social Media creates trends.

If you don’t make videos,

your competitor does.


Video Production:


Social Media Package

Brand. Videos. Content Plan. 

Social Media. Competitors. 


Quality. Consistency. Saved Time. 
Every month


Web Design

Image out of your business.

Webpage is important, no doubt. 

However, what about Trends?

User Experience?

Business needs to adapt to the needs of their visitors and clients, not vice versa.

Webpage in 2020

Unique Design

Video rather than text 

⚫ Eye catching Colours

Value and Engagement. 

You like our webpage? 

We can create one for your business. 


Event Videos

We create highlights of an event and associate them with a brand / company.

This video category helps to build trust and long-term relationships.

Main idea:

brand image / reputation 


Muotipäivät 2019

Fashion event. 

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari

Editor: Santeri Saari

Fashion event is held in Jyvaskyla each year at the end of the summer. We happened to have a chance to fill the whole event from inside: emotions, people, excitement..

Experience via Brands.

Suomen Häämessut 2019

Wedding event. 

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari

Editor: Santeri Saari

A wonderful event held in Paviljonki, Jyvaskyla. 

Wedding as a "niche" was presented that day by several companies and we documented the highlights of the event. 

Via such events companies are able to create positive associations with their brands as well as to get first touchpoint with new customers. 


Gala Night.

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari

Editor: Santeri Saari

A touchy “thank you” from the companies' executives to their employees. At the end of the day it is all about people.

Nowadays companies tend to take additional care of the core of the company - employees. Tell others if you do something good, something for people - that's how it should be. 



Promo about

company / goods / services

Such category is perfect for promotion:

new flow of attention increases sales / helps with approaching new clients

Main goal:

direct / indirect sales / promotion

Tennis court rental and Coaching.


Camera Operator: Santeri Saari
Editor: Santeri Saari
Model: Dimitrii Matiushin

Some feedback:

"Good vibes indeed! I was impressed by the efficiency of the video shooting that was directed by Santeri. Wide range of skills helped to create the right momentum. The overall experience was amazing and we are more than happy.

We intend to work with him in the future!"

- Stina Hautala, Alva Tennis.

Ykkoset Hair Saloon  

Recruitment/Brand video. 

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari

Editor: Santeri Saari

Some feedback:

“Santeri has been a pleasure to work with. He is obsessed with creation and you can see it on every stage of his work. He knows how to communicate with the client that significantly simplifies the communication itself.

You should definitely check his enthusiasm in practice.”

- Janina Vatanen, Hair Salon Ykköset.

Event Flow 

DJ services & Event rental services. 

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari

Editor: Santeri Saari

Some feedback:

“Santeri made an eye-catching promo video for Event Flow. You can see all our services in the video thanks to him and his skill. He really does know what to do, I recommend!

- Miska Puoskari, Event Flow Oy




Storytelling it is about an idea.
Attention of viewer focuses on the brand or business itself.

We create positive associations with the brand via visual experience.

Main idea:

image / associations

Ykköset / Prof. Hair Saloon

Two hairsaloons combining their strenghts.

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari

Editor: Santeri Saari

Ykköset Hair Saloon is merging with Prof. Hair Saloon and they wanted to tell the customers about the future changes via video.

Your Local Host  

Local Tourism at its best. 

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari 

Editor: Santeri Saari 

Finland brings people together. 

Students from several Asian countries have experienced Noora's hospitality as well as a blink of Finnish Sauna. 

Customer Reference - Software Explosion

Customer feedback in a form of a video.

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari 

Editor: Santeri Saari 

Software Explosion Oy was established 1994. The company entering 2020 as one of the leading software resellers in Finland.

Fimecon offers industrial design services and relies on Software's services as their company strives towards future developments.



Music Videos

You can't do something wrong, if you put your heart in it. 

Yung Hena - Pilvissä

Producer: Santeri Saari 
Camera Operator: Santeri Saari 
Director: Santeri Saari 
Artist: Yung Hena

SV created a unique storyline for the song. 

We started to brainstorm with nothing but, during first few hours, imagination created this.

Hope the video makes you feel something.


Producer: Santeri Saari 
Camera Operator: Santeri Saari 
Director: Santeri Saari 
Artist: SAMI

13 Finns in Dubai.

2 guys with an idea.

Good vibes and hard work.

Have a look yourself. We loved it!

Mandem Fridays

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari
Director: Santeri Saari 
Artists: Melo, Skii6, SÄMI, Viis2m, Skinny M

"Mandem Fridays" with performing artists such as Melo, Skii6, SÄMI, Viis2 and Skinny M. The event took place in the bar Panorama located in Tampere, Finland.


Wedding Videos

The day belongs to you and only you.
We wil save these happy memories.

Tiia and Miki

Camera Operator: Santeri Saari

Editor: Santeri Saari 

"Santeri captured our wedding day in a wonderful way and with amazing details. It feels like watching a movie".

- Miki Makela.

"Amazing day and beautiful people.

Thank you for your trust!".  

- Santeri Saari, "Saari Visuals". 




To show a moment, to show “now”,

to show who you are.


Would you like to have
the most memorable graduation day?


Let's see how we can help!